qdm-1.2.1 Release Notes

Query's schema release process involves an automated process that compares proposed changes to the last stable version of the schema and preserves or deprecates key elements of older schemata. This allows Query to safely accept most changes from upstream OCSF without breaking customer configurations.

Here are the possible types of changes:

An element was added in the new version.
An element was removed in the new version.
Schema was updated in the new version.
The schema changed, but the old version was preserved.
The schema changed, but the old version was deprecated rather than removed.
A schema change was ignored because it is irrelevant to Query.

Below is a list of all changes in qdm-1.2.1. You may also jump straight to the summary.

Action Path New Value Cause
UPDATE events.base_event.attributes.unmapped.type unmapped UPDATE

Change Summary

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Action Total Records Record Properties Attributes Attribute Properties Enum Members Enum Member Properties
UPDATE 1 0 1 0 1 0 0